National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Institute MIVEGEC, 911 Av Agropolis, 34394 Montpellier, France


Professional experience

2021- present           Marie-Curie fellow. MIVEGEC – CNRS, Montpellier, France

2016 – 2021           Postdoctoral fellow (independent). Evolutionary Biology group of G.J. Velicer, ETH Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland.   Ecology and evolution of bacterial communities and bacteriophages                 

2012 – 2015             PhD student. Evolutionary ecology group, Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution – University of Montpellier, France. Advisor: M.E. Hochberg. Evolutionary ecology of social bacterial populations under antibiotic and bacteriophage pressure               

Mar – Sep 2012        MSc student. Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, Montpellier, France. Advisors: M.A. Selosse, D. McKey and R. Blatrix. Multilocus phylogeny of fungi involved in ant-plant symbioses            

Nov 2011 – Jan 2012 Pregraduate fellow. Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France. Advisor: M. Plantegenest. Interplay of parasitic pressure and bacterial symbionts on aphid offspring phenotypes          

Mar – Aug 2011        Pregraduate fellow. Laval University, Québec, Canada. Advisor: R.R. Bélanger. Functional genomics of the fungus Pseudozyma flocculosa

Oct 2010 – Feb 2011 Pregraduate fellow. AgResearch Ruakura Research Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand. Advisor: P. J. Gerard. Behavioural interactions between two Microctonus parasitoid wasps

Jan – Feb 2010          Pregraduate fellow. James Hutton Institute, Dundee, Scotland UK. Advisor: S. N. Johnson. Predatory functional response of Coccinella septempunctata to Amphorophora idaei

Educational background

2012 – 2015        PhD. Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution – University of Montpellier, France.

2008 – 2012        Ingénieure agronome in Ecology and Evolution. Agrocampus Ouest centre de Rennes, France’s top graduate engineering school for agricultural and life sciences (Grande école). Valedictorian

2009                    Semester student at Laval University, Québec, Canada. Coursework in Ecology and Evolution

2006 – 2008        Classes Préparatoires BCPST. Lycée Montaigne, Bordeaux, France. Mathematics and Biology preparatory classes leading to selective entrance by examination into the French Grandes écoles


Invited speaker

2021         (forthcoming) Seminar – Département de Microbiologie Fondamentale, Université de Lausanne, Switzerland

2021          Conference – Crowdfight Symposium on the Science of Collaboration (video)

2019         Seminar – Ecology and Evolution seminar series (SEEM), Montpellier, France

2018         Conference – 22nd Evolutionary Biology Meeting, Marseille, France

2016         Seminar – Erasmus MEME Winter School, Montpellier, France

2015         Seminar – Institute of Integrative Biology at ETH, Zurich, Switzerland

Oral communications

2021         Virtual Evolution 2021

2020         ERC-Idem virtual meeting on Holobionts, Microbiota and Biological Individuality (video)

2019 Phage Network Conference, Grenoble, France

2018         French Society of Ecology and Evolution Conference (SFE2), Rennes, France

2017         ESEB Conference, Groningen, Netherlands

2016         International Conference on the Biology of the Myxobacteria, Interlaken, Switzerland

2015         ESEB Conference, Lausanne, Switzerland

2014         Seminar – Institute of Evolution Science (ISEM), Montpellier, France

2014         MICOM Conference, Jena, Germany

2011         Seminar – Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France

2011         Seminar – AgResearch Ruakura Research Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand

Poster presentations

2019         Jacques Monod Conference, Roscoff, France

2019         ESEB Conference, Turku, Finland

2018         Evolution-ESEB Conference, Montpellier, France

2017         Winter School “Ecological genomics of coevolutionary interactions”, Weggis, Switzerland

2014         Summer school “Understanding Microbial Communities; Function, Structure and Dynamics”, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

2011         Conférence Internationale sur les ravageurs en Agriculture, Montpellier, France

2010         Journées scientifiques, Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France

Public outreach

Vasse M. 2017 Quand les antibiotiques entravent la coopération bactérienne. Planet-Vie. {in French}

Funding and grants

2020 Marie Curie Independent Fellowship €184 708

2019    ETH Independent Career Seed grant CHF30 000

2019    French Medical Research Foundation Individual fellowship (declined) €134 400

2017    Marie Curie – ETH CONFUND Fellowship CHF225 700

2014    Grant from Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Cambridge) £450

2013    Teaching position (monitorat) at the University of Montpellier €7 920

2012    Doctoral grant from the French Research Ministry €60 660

2011    Grant from the Laval University (Quebec, Canada) for a research project $7 500

2010    Grant from Agrocampus Ouest (France) for a research project in Scotland €550

2009    Scholarship from the Brittany region (France) to study in Canada €1 200


2017 – present Society for the Study of Evolution

2016 – present Complex Systems Society

2015 – present Member of the French Bacteriophage network

2014 – present European Society for Evolutionary Biology

2013 – present French Society of Ecology and Evolution (Société Française d’Ecologie et d’Evolution)